Al Zahra Muslim Women's Association Inc                  AZMWA

The over-riding principle of the organisation is that the service must be client-community focused. Following from that, the other guiding principles are that clients: ​
- Have the right to participate in the  ​community 
     ​without discrimination; 
- Have the right to access a user-friendly service; 
- Have the same rights to support, information    
     ​and ​community services as other members in 
     ​the community ​
The AL Zahra Muslim Women’s Association Inc. (AZMWA) is a non-profit organisation. It was established in 1987 following recommendations from the Galbally Report, which advocated the establishment of AZMWA as fundamental in ensuring the successful settlement of non-English speaking background (NESB) migrants in Australia. It was then incorporated in 1991.

The AZMWA services the needs of Muslim women, youth and families from different cultural backgrounds. The association  provides for  the educational, vocational, religious, cultural, welfare and recreational needs of our target groups.

The association is unique as it was, and still is the only Arabic speaking and Muslim women organisation in the St George and Sutherland Shire regions. 

The AZMWA is now  mainly funded by the Department of Community Justice (previously Family and Community Services) under The Targeted Earlier Intervention (TEI) program. The Youth Officer's program provides support services and programs for Muslim Youth and families.

Association also actively seeks and receives funds from Local and State governments and other organisations to implement specific on-going or one-off community projects and programs.

​The Association is directed by a community based Management committee comprised of local residents, members and workers of non-English Speaking background.

The Al Zahra Muslim Women’s Association has a pool of dedicated volunteers whose tasks vary but are mainly in assisting the running of programs and activities.

​                                         For the past 23 years some of the  AZMWA Achievements include:

1993 – funded by DIEA until 2009 - A 3 year Grant In Aid/ Community Settlement Services funding specific for Arabic speaking women in St George area
1994 – funded by Ethnic affairs commission to conduct the first Domestic Violence Research Project in the St George area aimed at Arabic speaking
             ​Muslim women & Research into Education and Employment prospects of young Muslim women.
1998 - 'What’s Up with Santa and the Veil' – a play (produced also on a video) about being a young Muslim woman in Sydney in partnership with  
             Shopfront Theatre.
2003 - DOCS/ FACS funding-  to work with Muslim youth (males and females) and their families in St George area (Funding is still ongoing).
2004 - Sutherland Shire Council – First time funded Research project which produced a report into the settlement needs of Muslim Women in the
            ​Sutherland Shire
2004 – Kogarah Council and Hurstville Council – Research project which produced a report into the settlement needs of Muslim Women in these LGAs
2005 - Department of Education & Training. Artstart NSW youth Arts & Skills Festival- The project aimed at involving Muslim youth to an introduction 
            ​to the radio broadcasting industry and to encourage them to participate un talkback radio. A panel style radio 30 minute segment was produced 
           ​ called “The Line Up”. This was aired on the FBi radio station.
2006 – Funded by Department of Health and Ageing - Community Partners Program (CPP) to conducted training and produced a resource on working 
             ​with Muslim aged from various linguistic and cultural backgrounds
2006 - Responses to Racism Forum – in partnership with Rockdale City Council to address Racism and discrimination towards minorities in the
2006- CRC for Multicultural NSW – ‘Who AM I' innovative and unique project looking at the identity and Interrelationships between the youth from the
           ​Muslim communities in partnership with Nabi Akram Islamic Centre (Granville)
2007- Hurstville City Council Exploring Hurstville’s history – a partnership project about Hurstville’s past history and producing mosaic art to reflect the 
           ​settlement of Arabic speaking women into the area.
2008- Hurstville City Council – Muslim Women exploring Islamic Mosaic Arts
2008 - DIAC NAP – Women Speaking to Women, a unique project bridging the gap between local Muslim women and the VIEW Clubs of Australia
            ​members through speaking engagements in partnership with The Smith Family and National Breast Cancer Foundation. The Al Zahra
            ​Toastmasters club was formed as a result. The Al Zahra Toastmasters Club provided a mutually supportive and positive learning environment in
          ​ which members have the opportunity to develop communication and leadership skills, which in turn foster self-confidence and personal growth.
2008- DIAC Harmony Grants – Diversity of Muslim Women Conference to promote and celebrate the achievements of Muslim Women in partnership
           ​with Rockdale City Council
2009- Kogarah City Council-‘kogarah through my eyes” an introduction to Photography workshops with exhibition of photos taken by participants
2010- Healthy Women’s Project funded by South East Health Service. The program involved Muslim Women in a physical activity program and
           ​produced a healthy Arabic recipes booklet as a resource.
2011- The Al Zahra Muslim Women’s Association conducted 3 short projects funded by Hurstivlle and Rockdale City Councils. Under the community 
           ​grants program. Hurstville City Council funded the St George Muslim Artist Directory and Looking after My Carer projects.The St George Muslim
           ​Artist Directory project produced a directory of Muslim artists in the St George area for the use for both artists and community groups. Looking 
           ​after my Carer was a project that aimed to reduce the isolation and overburdening and empower Carers of Arabic speaking Muslim background 
           ​to access mainstream services due to language and cultural barriers.
2011- Youth consultation in Liverpool and St George areas with stakeholders.
2011- Formation of Al Mahdi Muslim Youth
2012- Charter dinner of AMMY which included a play performed by young Muslims highlighting youth issues.
2013- Funding for Muslim Youth Conference by Hurstville city Council. Production of Promotional clip, youth interactive and acting workshops. Ongoing
           ​youth support groups and activities.

​This is in addition to the representation at forums and consultations attended at local, state and federal levels.


​The Al Zahra Muslim Women's Association operates with an Access and Equity framework, providing education, support and information to Muslim Women, youth & families  facilitating their integration through access to the social and economic opportunities in the wider Australian Community.
Aims and Objectives:

- To promote social and cultural awareness among Muslim women
   ​​youth and their families in Australia
​- To provide mutual support for Muslim Women, youth and their families
- To raise issues of concern for Muslim Women & youth such as cultural
   ​differences and practices discrimination etc.
- To assist Muslim women & youth in their access to existing community
   ​resources and services
- ​To work with other organisations to provide appropriate community
   ​support for Muslim Women and youth;

​The above aims are to be achieved through the following objectives and strategies:

1. To provide a base for a range of services and programs to Muslim Women, youth and families.
​2. To assist target groups in gaining services by directly providing information, support, education and referral according to need;
3. To ensure appropriateness of services for target groups by providing input and assistance to government and non-government organisations in their service delivery;
4. To increase access of target groups to services by advocating for the provision of services designed to meet their specific needs.
5. To develop appropriate support mechanisms for emerging groups by assisting emerging and/or under-resourced Muslim Women's and youth groups to participate in the general community;
6. To provide support and facilities to Muslim Women, youth and families to enable them to build community support and meet cultural, educational and social needs;
7. To ensure that target groups are an integral part of the community of St George and surrounding districts by providing a pivotal role in community consultation and planning processes;
8. To promote increasing awareness of the special needs of target groups amongst service providers and within the general community in order to contribute to ​community harmony. Double click here to edit this text.